Here’s What a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Was Like… in 1996 (Video)


Amazing automotive journalist Doug DeMuro reviews a $300,000 Rolls-Royce, from 1996. In this hilarious video, Doug looks at the flagship Rolls-Royce of 20 years ago. Doug asks “What exactly did $300,000 buy you back in 1996?”

Find out by watching the above video or read more at AutoTrader.

“Rolls-Royce isn’t pretending this car is sporty, or fast, or exciting. It is, instead, simply designed for one purpose: to be a luxury car. To be the luxury car. And it is oh, so successful: I honestly don’t remember ever driving a car that was so relaxing, and comfortable, and quiet, in my entire life. Even the Bentley Mulsanne I drove a few months ago had far more of a sporty flair compared to this Rolls-Royce. The Silver Spur is designed to let you do one thing, and one thing only: relax.” – Doug DeMuro


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