Pokémon GO Fest 2018


Go inside Pokémon GO Fest 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, as we take a walk in Lincoln Park.

Gotta catch ’em all with Pokémon GO, the Pokémon Company and Niantic’s innovative AR mobile game. On July 14th and 15th, over 21,000 Trainers attended Niantic’s 2nd Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago’s beautiful Lincoln Park on the shore of Lake Michigan, while 180,000 mobile gamers participated in the surrounding Chicago area, and tens of millions of Trainers all over the world took part in Pokémon GO’s global challenge.

Pokemon go fest 2018

Pokémon GO Trainers enjoyed a 1.8-mile curated walking path in Lincoln Park, featuring four dynamic habitats filled with more than 50 species of Pokémon. In addition to Plusle and Minun appearing throughout the event, Trainers encountered digital Pokémon such as Ludicolo, Torkoal, and Metagross. Event attendees walked an average of more than 6 kilometers, completed an average of 36 research tasks and caught an average of 350 Pokémon at the 2018 GO Fest. Mixing Advanced Augmented Reality (AR), the event’s habitats, trading and catching, and connecting with fellow Trainers, the world of Pokémon truly came alive in Chicago.

“What AR really means is connecting digital information, objects and experiences with the physical world in situ as you experience them. It’s the part about connecting information to the world that’s important. In Chicago, we created a really fun, interesting environment for people to move through, and to really experience the full breadth of the park,” said John Hanke, the founder and CEO of Niantic, a software development company spun out of Google that designed Ingress, Pokémon GO and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Pokemon Go Fest 2018

“The mood was infectious all weekend,” Niantic said in a thank you message to fans. “The feelings of courtesy, kindness, and togetherness never left Lincoln Park, even as trainers filed out at the end of Sunday’s journey.”

Pokémon Go Fest 2018 is part of what Niantic has named the Pokémon Go Summer Tour. The last event takes place Aug. 29-Sept. 2 in Yokosuka, Japan.

Here’s hoping for another Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago next summer…and more live events elsewhere, as well.


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